Digfield Ales logo with a white rabbit in the middle
Brewed in Northhamptonshire

Our Beers

Best Bitter 4.0% abv

Barnwell Bitter

A traditional amber, easy drinking bitter with a dry, malty finish.

Contains; Goldings, Fuggles and First Gold.

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Golden Ale 3.8% abv

Fools Nook

A well hopped refreshing summer bitter.

Cascade and Goldings.

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Best Bitter 4.8% abv

Mad Monk

Deliciously full bodied, this dark brown ale has hints of malt and chocolate in the finish.

Contains; Goldings, Fuggles, First Gold and Northdown.

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Golden Ale 3.9% abv


A golden pale ale with a distinctive hoppy aroma.

Contains; Goldings, First Gold, Amorillo and Chinook.

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4.5% abv


Chestnut brown best bitter with hop and malt, balanced finish.

Contains; Goldings, Northdown, Bramling Cross and First Gold.

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4.2% abv

March Hare

A seasonal, straw coloured premium ale with a subtle fruit flavour throughout.

Contains; Northdown, Amarillo and First Gold.

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Hop Varieties

Cascade; Dual purpose, with spicy aroma in cone and beer. Floral, grapefruit and lychees.

First Gold; A good aroma hop, with bittering and late hopping qualities. Well balanced and fruity with marmalade, orange and spice. 

Dual purpose, fruity and floral. Orange, peach and pink grapefruit.

Aroma hop with full bodied flavour. Earthy, minty, grassy, slightly floral.

Northdown; Very good flavour and aroma variety. Cedar, pine, spicy, rich flavour.

Bramling Cross;
Dual purpose hop, with spicy/blackcurrant flavour.

Dual purpose with an unusual aroma profile. Grapefruit, lemon and pine characteristics.

A traditional English aroma variety, sweet, delicate slightly spicy. Grown in England for over 100 years. As with Fuggles, named after the first grower. Earthy, honey and spicy.

The Story of Digfield

Beginning as a 5 barrel plant in 2005, Digfield Ales attracted attention early on with a multi award-winning outing at their very first Peterborough Beer Festival in 2006. Now a well established 15 barrel plant, the brewery has an enviable reputation for consistently produced, quality real ales, with clarity and flavour being absolute watchwords.

Digfield supplies multiple outlets on a regular basis and has many longstanding customers. Owners/brewers Paul and Michael are proud of these enduring business partnerships and value them highly.

Located in Barnwell, Digfield offers 5 regular beers and one seasonal beer. Using English malt and English, European and American hops, the brewers employ a combination of science and instinct to develop beers that taste ‘right’ to them. Though they are conscious that palates differ, and it is not possible to produce one beer that everyone will like, this methodology has (so far) sufficed as a reasonable barometer for taste(s) in general.

The highly distinctive logo and pump clip designs are produced by local artist Carry Akroyd. The tree on the logo is a young oak at the edge of the Dig Field, where Roman archaeology was uncovered.

Painting representing a field with a tree in the middle.